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Miaodu Construction Material Co,LTD

    Miaodu Construction Material Co,LTD, which was found in 2006 in Guangzhou, has been concentrated on metallic mosaic for decades. Copper mosaic is our feature product, stainless steel, stone, glass, shell and resin mosiac are also included. What could be promised is high quality, what could be compromised is price. We are exerting ourselves to give customer better quality and cheaper price.

   Miaodu is a developing company, we are trying to be the best metal mosaic company in China with our unique product and technology and we believe we could cause our technology is unique. The color of copper is different from others and would be increasing beautiful since time pass by also the material would not get rusty or color fade. 

   Metal mosaic is a special type, different from glass mosaic shining, it gives an image of retro, rock and cool, which is suitable to place in ciub, living room backsplash, ktv, rock shops and hotels. 

   Mosaic is an art itself and metal mosaic is a special one, we insist to do one thing and do it the best.

   Welcome to contact us for any cooperation, we are appreciate to hear from you.

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